Harajuku Wonderland: The First Harajuku Model Photo Collection Book

Transworld Japan, Inc. is releasing a photobook titled Harajuku Wonderland centered around the group of charisma models who influenced the Harajuku fashion’s popularity boom. The photo collection will give viewers a feeling of Harajuku by featuring eight iconic models: AKIRA, Midori Fukasawa, Misako Aoki, Yura, Kimura U, Hikari Shiina, and Haruka Kurebayashi. The magazine’s staff consists of creators who have been actively involved with the Harajuku fashion scene. The book also includes an interview and illustration with the famous boys love author Asumiko Nakamura. The release date is July 25, 2019 at the price of 4,000 yen excluding tax.

Book Launch

If you are in Japan, you can purchase a ticket to the publisher’s pre-order event. The event is limited to 100 tickets at 10,000 yen each. Included in the package are the book, event ticket, and an original tote bag bonus. They will be hosting the final photo session for the book’s front cover on June 11, 2019 and ticket holders will be photographed with the featured eight models. The photo will be mailed along with the book to ticketholders on the release date. More information and tickets are available now on their site.

Transworld Japan, Inc. is a magazine and book publisher based in Tokyo, Japan. Follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

Update: Harajuku Wonderland is now available to purchase here. The print is limited to 3,000 copies. Select your favorite model at checkout and receive their photo with your purchase.

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