Haenuli & Iris Garden Fashion Show at A-Kon

Korean lolita fashion brands Haenuli and Iris Garden attended A-Kon for their 2023 convention. For both brands, this was the second time they’ve guested at A-Kon.

Haenuli started making lolita fashion when they launched in 2007. The brand is known for its creative prints and making pieces in multiple sizes. Haenuli took a hiatus in 2019 and re-emerged in 2021.

Iris Garden started in 2021 and is the American distributor for Korean lolita brands. Some the brands carried include Haenuli, Evil Live, and Baroque.

For this runway, Haenuli showcased 3 of their latest print series which includes Winnie the Pooh, Beloved Hydrangea, and the Beloved collaboration with Iris Garden.

Winnie the Pooh Collaboration

The Winnie the Pooh collaboration features E. H. Shepard’s illustrations from A.A. Milne‚Äôs original Winnie the Pooh stories. Haenuli was inspired to create this print since Winnie the Pooh entered public domain in 2022. The illustrations lay upon books along the skirt border, all on a gingham background.

This series was released via Kickstarter. The campaign became fully funded within 6 minutes in June 2022.

Model 1

First up, this model wore the Bashful Piglet Pink colorway of the JSK with matching headbow. Model also wore the series’s wrist cuffs and white chiffon blouse.

Model 2

Model 2 wore the Gloomy Eeyore Grey JSK with matching beret and chiffon blouse.

Model 3

Model 3 wore the Silly O’Bear Yellow JSK, matching headbow, and chiffon blouse. Layered on top of the dress was the Bees and Pooh Apron.

Model 4

The final model for the Winnie the Pooh collection wore the Friendly Rabbit Brown JSK, matching beret, and brown chiffon blouse. This outfit also displayed the The Book Vegan Leather Bag in brown. The front of the panel of the bag opens up to show a real page from the book.

Beloved Hydrangea

The Beloved Hydrangea series is the latest release from Haenuli. The print features hydrangea flowers, a flower that blooms in the rainy summer season in Japan and Korea. Hydrangeas can change color depending on the acidity of its soil, so each colorway features a different shade of hydrangea.

The base fabric has metallic strips of Lurex woven into it which gives the illusion of a rainy effect. It’s a difficult effect to capture on camera, but it’s gorgeous to see in-person! Both cuts of this dress include pockets!

Model 5

The first Beloved Hydrangea model wore the mint colorway featuring pink flowers. She also wore the Beloved Hydrangea Head Bow.

Model 6

Model 6 wore the grey version of the JSK with matching headdress. Like the mint, the grey colorway also featured pink accents.

Model 7

Model seven wore the princess sleeves OP in the black colorway with matching bonnet with detachable veil. The OP sleeves had a romantic sheer heart-shaped window near the elbow.

Model 8

The eighth model wore the white OP and matching headdress with navy accents. Both the black and white colorways have blue and purple hydrangea.

Haenuli x Iris Garden Collaboration Beloved

The Beloved series was a collaboration between Haenuli and Iris Garden. The series’s main motif is coffins with illustrations of The Girl and The Skeleton, Haenuli’s original characters.

The Beloved collaboration launched on Kickstarter earlier this year.

Model 9

First of this series, the ninth model wore the white Beloved OP. The OP had a simple and elegant silhouette with a square neckline and puff sleeves with two ruffle tiers at the hem. This model had the OP styled in a more elegant way.

Model 10

The next model wore the Beloved OP in black. Paired with more accessories, this model wore the OP styled in a more ornate way.

Model 11

Model 11 wore the white Beloved JSK. The model held the Beloved Coffin Bag which opens up to more illustrations. The opening panel was inspired by the Winnie the Pooh Book Bag as seen on models 3 and 4.

Model 12

Lastly, the final model wore the Beloved Skirt and Beloved Blouse. The Beloved Blouse had a bat-shaped collar, high-low hem, large sleeves, and numerous buttons down the front.

At the end of the show, designer Nunu came out to greet the audience wearing her Mystic Wandering Spirit collaboration with American indie brand Mossbadger.

As a final announcement, Haenuli and Iris Garden revealed that they would be teaming up as business partners!

Haenuli was one of the three brands for A-Kon 2023’s fashion show! Check out my report for the other two brands, Atelier Pierrot and Star Crossed Lovelies (gallery coming soon)!

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