Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Black x White Elizabeth JSK Lolita Fashion Coordinate

My first wear of the Elizabeth JSK from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in the black and white colorway.

In my previous post about the A5 wagyu afternoon tea pop-up, I posted a few pictures of the upper half of this outfit. During the media day at Proper Rose Garden, we managed to take these two pictures. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a full body picture while I was there, so I begrudgingly took some full body shots after I came home around midnight. Keep scrolling to see them.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Consider this dress one of Baby, the Star Shine Bright’s most iconic pieces popularized by Momoko in the Kamikaze Girls movie. Its design remains timeless as it is both cute and elegant. The stark contrast between the fabric base and white lace really makes the lace pop out. The original OP released in 2001 featured 7 different types of lace!

While I’ve loved the Elizabeth OP ever since I was a newbie in EGL, the OP is so over the top that I couldn’t justify buying it. They’re pretty hard to find secondhand as well since it is popular. When Baby, the Stars Shine Bright announced a jumperskirt version last autumn, I knew it was time. The JSK is just slightly more casual than the OP. I immediately put in my reservation with their San Francisco shop. So did a lot of other people. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright projected this release to be popular, so the winners were chosen by lottery. I actually didn’t win the first time around, but since the demand was so high, they made a second run which I’m grateful for because I’ve never had much luck when it comes to winning.

baby the stars shine bright elizabeth jsk coord

Elizabeth JSK

After I received the lottery confirmation (shoutout to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright San Fransisco), I had a small hope that the JSK would come in time to be included in my 2021 wardrobe post. With the postal delays, it ended up arriving right after I posted. Not a complaint on the mail, of course; it would have just been nice to include. I’ll just have to make sure to photograph it for next year’s post (no promises)!

Pulling the dress out of the packaging was exciting. It’s such an incredibly powerful statement piece! Totally worth the $400 something price tag. It reminds me why Baby is still one of my favorite brands. The black and white is just really nice to look at. The skirt hem circumference is also massive. Stacking my two largest petticoats didn’t come close to unleashing this dress’s full potential poof. It’s a good lace monster indeed.

baby the stars shine bright elizabeth jsk coord

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Elizabeth JSK
  • Top: Mille Noirs Georgette Blouse
  • Petticoats: MeLikesTea Rose Petticoat, MeLikesTea Cotton Candy Petticoat
  • Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Torchon Lace OTKs
  • Shoes: An-tai-na Multistrap Platform Shoes
  • Head: Moi meme Moitie Holy Cross Headdress, Eyemirror x underscore Thorn Glasses
  • Accessories: Moi meme Moitie Holy Cross Choker, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Emblem B-mark Ring, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Milk Crown Ring, Alice and the Pirates A/P Logo Ring

At first, I kind of got overwhelmed coordinating the dress. When you look at it, you can’t help but to coordinate it in a traditional old school lolita way. Except I couldn’t do that because 1) I don’t own a black x white headbow and 2) I don’t own a white cotton blouse. With all coordinating challenges, you just have to work with what you have. I was a bit concerned the georgette blouse wouldn’t look quite right with the cotton dress, but I think it turned out ok! Crisis averted. Also, please ignore the headdress flopping over in most of the pictures; gravity happened.

Some would say this is gothic lolita, others would say this is sweet lolita. The label doesn’t really matter in my book, so call it whatever you want. I wouldn’t exactly call it old school though. Maybe old school-inspired.

I did not know it was adjustable to four different lengths via shoulder straps until I took it off, so next time I wear it I will shorten it one notch in order for the OTKs to be more visible. Trying this coordinate made me kind of want the matching blouse even though I skipped over it initially. The blouse is just not versatile though. Maybe if I could find it at a low price, I’ll consider. Here’s a few more pictures as well.

The selfies for this outfit also blew up on Twitter for some reason. Follow me (@buttcape) for more lolita fashion-related rambling.

Photo Tip

Pro tip: do not wait until the end of the day to take your outfit photos. Sweaty and tired feet do not make a good look. Like I mentioned earlier, these were taken around midnight. A big pain. Fortunately, I did buy the Godox AD200 for night time photography a few months ago, so I was prepared because I know I will put off the coord pic until it’s too late. It’s been a lifesaver, but I’m still learning how to use it. The flash is good, but I would still pick natural light if possible!

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