Atelier Pierrot A/W ’23 Fashion Show @ Anime Weekend Atlanta

Anime Weekend Atlanta, abbreviated AWA, is the largest anime convention in the southeastern United States. It took place on October 26-October 29, 2023 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Cobb Galleria Centre. In recent years, AWA has increased their Japanese fashion presence by inviting brands such as Moi meme Moitie and 6%dokidoki in the past. For 2023, AWA’s fashion guests of honor included Atelier Pierrot and Devilish Angel. Both brands showed off their style on the runway.

Atelier Pierrot is one of Japan’s top lolita fashion brands. The Atelier Pierrot portion of the fashion show had 13 models wearing classic and gothic lolita. The brand strove to showcase a diverse selection of models for their looks. This show had some special visual kei guest models, Sena and Boogie from the band Jiluka!

I was honored to be able to photograph Atelier Pierrot’s fashion show once again! Previously, I also photographed Atelier Pierrot’s summer fashion show at A-Kon.

Model 1

First of the lineup was a black and navy gothic lolita coordinate. The model wore Standing Collar Princess Sleeve Blouse (2023) in black paired with the Three-Tiered Ruffle Chiffon Skirt in navy. The glitter from the Grim Shadows Corset really stood out against the solid colored pieces. The Rose Veil Headband on her head gave the whole outfit a regal finish.

Model 2

The second wore an all black kuro lolita ensemble. The dress was the black version of the Haunted Doll OP layered with the Frill Short Corset (2023) on top. For accessories, the model wore all airy lace accessories: Short Length Thimble Lace Gloves, Orchid Elagance Socks, and Lace Ribbon Headdress. Although the outfit is all black, this is a good example of Atelier Pierrot items worn in a sweeter way. The combo of the corset lacing on the dress combined with short lace socks is particularly popular with jirai kei fans in Japan.

Model 3

Model three wore the elegant navy print. The Royal Crown Vest JSK was paired with the matching Royal Crown Tights; underneath the JSK was the Standing Collar Princess Sleeve Blouse (2023) in white. The model wore Lace Ribbon Headdress (Original Lace) in navy.

Model 4

Model number four also wore a classic lolita outfit. This elegant coordinate consisted of Lace Ribbon Headdress (Original Lace), Douceur Cutsew, and Corduroy Floral High Waist Skirt.

Model 5

The fifth model came out wearing red and ivory classic lolita. The fabrics of this look were light and airy and swayed as the model walked. The base of the outfit was the Calmato Blouse and Three-Tiered Ruffle Chiffon Skirt, both in wine chiffon. Vallee Lys‘s Enchanting Maiden Apron and Lace Ribbon Headdress (Original Lace) in ivory finished off this look.

Model 6

The sixth model wore Atelier Pierrot’s latest collaboration set. This collaboration was made in conjunction with Heli-X, a visual arts studio. One of the studio’s characters named Sadness inspired This red, black, and white ensemble. Pieces of this collaboration include the Symphony No.9 by the Lunatic Red and Black Blouse, Rose Red Madness Red and Black Cape, and Hidden Love in Requiem Red and Black Skirt. The Lace-Up Frill Headdress in black and wine matches perfectly.

Model 7

This all white shiro lolita set is also a collaboration with Heli-X. This three piece set is also based on the character Sadness, but with a wedding theme this time. The lacy ensemble consisted of Little Girl’s Dream Wedding JSK, Angel Blessing White Blouse, and Bouquet Full of White Flowers White Shawl.

Model 8

Atelier Pierrot’s Diamond Circus Mini Corset OP was re-released in 2023. The mini skirt length is popular with Atelier Pierrot’s customers right now. The diamond print is a nod to the brand’s name of Pierrot. Both the Mini Corset OP and Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse are signature items from Atelier Pierrot.

Model 9

The ninth model was wearing one of the newest pieces at the time. The dress was the black and white version of the Bustle Corset JSK. This model was wearing the size 1 of the JSK. Paired with the Ladder Lace Choker and Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse, the black and white color combination gave off the old school gothic lolita vibes.

Model 10

The tenth model wore the plus size version of the Bustle Corset JSK. The extended size of this JSK was previously available through a made-to-order period, but there were a some of the leftover stock available to purchase from the brand booth in the dealers room. Like the previous model, this model also wore a white Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse and Ladder Lace Choker. The navy shantung reflected light in a stunning way.

Model 11

Atelier Pierrot’s international brand manager Connie was the eleventh model, wearing an all navy lacy lolita outfit. By the time this fashion show happened, the Mystique Jacquard JSK had already sold out in Japan! The lace fabric on the fish tail skirt sways beautifully when walking.

The Mystique Lace JSK was so popular that a re-release went up for pre-order soon after. The re-release is scheduled to be released February 2024.

Model 12

Special guest model Boogie, the bassist of visual kei band Jiluka, appeared wearing the wine colorway of the Mystique Lace JSK. The crowd enthusiastically screamed for him. His JSK was accessorized with a black Rose Lace Headband, black Louise Jabot Blouse, black Royal Crown Tights, and black Short Length Thimble Lace Gloves. Boogie graced the runway with his cheerful demeanor.

Sena and Boogie wore matching black and red coordinates!

Model 13

For the grand finale, Sena, the guitarist from Jiluka, strutted his way down the runway. Once the audience saw his signature Lightning pink hair, they went crazy. Needless to say, he received the loudest cheer. Sena wore a black and wine colored gothic lolita look. On top, he wore the wine Shirring Princess Sleeves Blouse with the collar pulled down past his shoulders. The red was accented by the Royal Crown Tights in wine. The bottom half of the outfit consisted of the Decay Gauze Skirt and Decay Gauze Corset, both from the newly re-released Decay gauze series. He also wore Antique Gold Frame Pumps.

Thank you to Atelier Pierrot and Fake Star USA for allowing me to photograph the fashion show! I’ll be looking forward to see how fashion programming at Anime Weekend Atlanta grows next year! Atelier Pierrot was the second brand at AWA 2023’s show. The first brand was Devilish Angel and you can see their runway looks in my report!

If you liked Atelier Pierrot’s style, learn more about the brand here.

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