8th Wonder Brewery Tour in East Downtown Houston

8th Wonder Brewery & Distillery is brewery taproom located in the heart of Houston’s east downtown area. 8th Wonder Brewery started brewing beers in 2013. The brewery was founded by the owners of the Eatsie Boys food truck. The Eatsie Boys food truck was part of the initial wave of Houston food truck boom and made a massive impression on me. Co-founder Matt Marcus showed me around and told me all about this Houston-themed wonder!

Houston History

The name 8th Wonder derived from Houston’s beloved Astrodome. When the Astrodome opened in 1965 as the home to the Houston Astros baseball team and received the nickname “eighth wonder of the world.” Although the Astrodome has been officially closed since 2008, it still remains a celebrated part of Houston’s history and identity.

around the 8th Wonder Brewery

Inside 8th Wonder Brewery Taproom

Step inside the taproom to see it decorated with all sorts of Houston paraphernalia. Given their name, it’s no surprise to see Houston Astros themed colors and decor. The colorful seats underneath the menu are original seats from the Astrodome!

8th Wonder Brewery taps

Their menu has over 30 options available! There’s even a few non-alcoholic options such as soda and kombucha for non-drinkers.

8th Wonder Brewery menu

I got to take a peek inside the brewery and see where the magic happens. Their beers are brewed and canned in-house. Fun fact: They own one of the largest espresso brewing machines out there.

Brewery behind the scenes

Some Brews

Now I’ll admit, I’m not much of a beer person myself since I’m a bit of a lightweight. Since they carry a large variety, I sampled a few different beers and found the perfect one for me. The beer names come from various aspects of Houston culture. You can even find bits of Houston in their glass design! Take a close look at the the base of their glass cup; the base is modeled after the Astrodome’s roof.

8th Wonder Brewery Beers

Rocket Fuel is 8th Wonder’s original Vietnamese coffee porter and a symbol of the cultural melting pot that is Houston. East downtown used to be the Houston’s original Chinatown from the ’30s through the ’90s. Despite being called Chinatown, a large Vietnamese population thrived in downtown as well. As a ’90s kid born from Vietnamese immigrants, I remember going up to downtown and midtown with my parents frequently for Vietnamese shopping and dining.

8th Wonder Brewery wanted to pay tribute to the old Chinatown and Houston’s Vietnamese population, so they combined Vietnamese coffee and beer together to create this uniquely Houston brew. Rocket Fuel is made with cold brew coffee and milk sugar and has “a pleasantly robust dark roast complemented by subtle, creamy sweetness.” As Vietnamese American born and raised in Houston just down the road from NASA with a caffeine addiction, Rocket Fuel represents my identity and my taste buds.

You can take any of the beers on tap to-go! Pick a beer and they will can it up for you. You can also purchase cases and kegs in their gift shop.

Outside 8th Wonder Brewery

After you order, step outside into 8th Wonder’s backyard! There’s plenty of seating and art to take photos of.


As mentioned earlier, Eatsie Boys was a food truck from the beginning of the Houston food truck boom. The owners of Eatsie Boys are also the owners of 8th Wonder Brewery. The Eatsie Boys food truck parked in the back, but unfortunately closed at the end of December 2021.

food from Eatsie Boys

Though their home food truck closed, other food trucks park in the back on certain days. Sometimes they also host food events and pop-ups. The best way to check is to check their Instagram and schedule on the website. You may bring outside food as well according to their FAQ page.

Sculptures by David Adickes

8th Wonder Brewery is home to two sculptures by David Adickes who studied under Picasso. Adickes is known for his numerous oversized pieces located around Houston.

Inside the fence, these giant statues of rock band The Beatles reside in the backyard of 8th Wonder Brewery.

giant The Beatles statues

The We Love Houston (or We Heart Houston) sculpture is located behind the brewery on the outside of the fence. You can see a beautiful view of downtown behind the sculpture.

We Love Houston sign in east downtown

If you love all things Houston, 8th Wonder is the place to visit! Catch an event if you’re a Houston resident. Come and learn about Houston offerings if you’re from out of town. 8 Wonder Brewery is a great place for all!

I can’t wait to try more of their beers. A big thanks to Felice for inviting me and Matt for showing me around!

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