Pirate Ouji Outfit For Lolita Vietnam’s First Birthday

The lolita fashion community Lolita Vietnam‘s birthday was May 5 and they invited me to join their birthday contest! I hope to see the Lolita Vietnam community grow prosperously. Thank you for having me, even though I’m not physically there.

As a Vietnamese American I’m really happy that they reached out and included me for the Lolita Vietnam community celebration! It’s nice to be a part of an international community that is so welcoming.

As lolita continues to spread across the globe, I’d like to see more princes, of course! Ouji fashion is popular but few people wear it. I hope more people get it a try in the future!

Outfit Rundown

  • Hat: Yolanda
  • Vests: BLACK PEACE NOW (2x)
  • Arm Warmers: Alice and the Pirates
  • Buttcape: Atelier Boz
  • Shorts: Alice and the Pirates
  • Socks: Alice and the Pirates
  • Boots: Metamorphose temps de filles
  • Chest: offbrand (customized) 

Pirate Ouji Coordinate For Lolita Vietnam

I normally wear gothic coordinates so I decided to go with a gothic pirate ouji look! The prince of pirates maybe? I love wearing arm warmers, no matter how Hot Topic they look. Also, I love layers so I wore two vests, one of them comes with a layered overskirt, and I also pinned a buttcape to the side to make it more interesting.

I love attaching different bustles and accessories to my hats to make them more unique! Try pinning feathers, roses, or fabric to your hats make them more unique!

Some extra JoJo poses:  

What’s your favorite JoJo pose?

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