White Ouji Outfit Photoshoot With Rye

A few days ago, I did a small photo shoot with my friend Rye. She usually wears sweet lolita, but she wanted to try out being a prince for a few hours! Originally, she wanted to do complete white and gold, but I keep selling my white pieces, so I couldn’t make a whole white outfit. Not bad for coming up with it in 5 minutes and I do really like how it looks like with the black. 

This was my first time photographing someone else seriously and I learned a few things I’m used to a tripod and self-timer. The location was at my cousin’s house. Funny thing is I never noticed how good it was for photos even though I’ve been there a million times. Here are my favorite pictures from the shoot:

 We take pictures next to bathtubs because we are classy individuals.

Outfit Rundown

Hat: Alice and the Pirates Caladrius Silk Hat
Jabot: bodyline
Jacket: Atelier Boz Eternity Roland
Blouse: Dear Celine
Pants: Dear Celine
Socks: Enchantlic Enchantilly
Shoes: offbrand

For Rye’s next coord, she wants to do a white rabbit themed one. I have successfully converted another to the ouji side! This last picture was a complete accident, but the way the light hits the jacquard is wonderful. It is a wonderful sight you can’t see from Atelier Boz’s tiny stock photos. 

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