140 Times Bodyline Made Knockoffs and Replicas of Other J-Fashion Brands

Bodyline has a shady history of stealing designs from other Japanese lolita, goth, and punk brands. Although the company is under new ownership and they don’t copy designs much anymore, this list serves as a reference to anyone who encounters some of these older pieces in the secondhand market.

About Bodyline

Bodyline is a Japanese clothing brand started in 2002. In the early years, they mainly operated as a lingerie and cosplay shop. Eventually, they started making lolita clothes of questionable quality and origin. Around 2018, the original owner Mr. Yan left the company and a new ownership took over. They currently have two physical locations open in Japan, one in Tokyo and one in Osaka.

Bodyline and the Western Lolita Community

Back when Western interest in lolita fashion started growing, Bodyline was a shop commonly suggested to buy from because it was cheap and they sometimes made semi-decent clothes and shoes. It was extremely popular with newcomers because it was one of the only cheaper options at the time. In the LiveJournal era, buying their products was always a gamble and there were even a community dedicated for reviews. There was almost no information on the company itself. Nowadays, there are better options for the same price, but the brand still gets suggested often enough to newbies.

The community stance on Bodyline has never been unanimous. Many Japanese lolitas do not support Bodyline since it was essentially a sex shop trying to sell lolita. Many international lolitas considered it bad quality. Some never supported the business at all because of the replicas.

While wearing Bodyline isn’t inherently immoral since they do make original designs sometimes, the lolita community must acknowledge that Bodyline made some shady business practices in the past. These practices include stealing designs from other brands, hosting model contests guised as the ex-owner’s wife search, and serving bad customer service.

What are knockoffs?

A design knockoff is an imitation product that is distinct from the genuine product. At minimum, distinction may be a single element changed from the of the original design. Knockoffs fall into in a morally grey area. By law, clothes can not be copyrighted because they are utilitarian products. While knockoff products such as shoes and bags are technically legal, a stolen design is still theft.

What are replicas?

A design replica is an imitation product that is confusingly similar to the genuine product. Replicas usually include parts of the original intellectual property such as the logo or artwork.

Why replicas are shunned in the lolita community:

  • Replicas steal from the original artists
  • Replica sellers are deceiving buyers
  • Replicas are often of subpar quality compared to the original

While Bodyline never claimed their products to be from the original brands, the term replica has conflicting definitions throughout different fashion circles. This is the definition used commonly in lolita fashion. In lolita, there is a split in what’s acceptable between print replicas and solid replicas. Read more about it on Raine Dragon’s The Complicated Ethics of Design Replicas.

List of Bodyline Replicas and Knockoffs

This list serves as a reference for buyers in case they may be unaware of design theft. On the left side will be the real product. On the right side will be the Bodyline equivalent. The list is sorted by the original brand in alphabetical order.

Jump to brand: A+Lidel | ALGONQUINS | Alice and the Pirates | Angelic Pretty | Atelier BOZ | Baby, the Stars Shine Bright | BLACK PEACE NOW | Deorart | h.NAOTO | HELLCAT PUNKS | Innocent World | MAD | Marble | Mary Magdalene | MAXICIMAM | Metamorphose | Moi-meme-Moitie | Morning LST | Putumayo | Romantic Neurosis | SEX POT ReVeNGe | Victorian Maiden


A+Lidel ShortsBodyline Frill Frill Short Pants (g254, g255, g256)


ALGONQUINS ADDICTION Small Devil DressBodyline Trimming Vest Dress (g563)
ALGONQUINS ADDICTION Striped JacketBodyline Belt Accent Jacket (gothic588)

Photo: Closet Child
ALGONQUINS T / R Striped JQ Horn Separate SetBodyline Cat Girl Hood Jacket (gothic668)

Alice and the Pirates

Alice and the Pirates Trump Alice JSK IIBodyline Trump Pattern JSK (g221)

Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty Melty Heart CoatBodyline Passy Coat (g682, g683, g684, g685)
Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor
OP, Head Bow
Bodyline Fruits Stripe Dress and Bow
(g351, g352, g353, g679, g680, g681)
Bodyline replica of Fruits Parlor

Angelic Pretty Bird Cage OPBodyline Line Lace Ribbon Dress
Angelic Pretty Halter Neck JSKBodyline Halter Neck Dress (G001)
Angelic Pretty Melody Doll OPBodyline Classical Dress with Cape (gothic695)
Angelic Pretty Mode Girl OPBodyine Pearl Ribbon Dress (gothic996, gothic997, gothic998)
Angelic Pretty Sweet Ribbon Strawberry OPBodyline (g525, g536)
Angelic Pretty Bird Cage SkirtBodyline Velvet Bustle Skirt (g079, g080, g082, g085)
Angelic Pretty Jacquard SkirtBodyline Rear Ribbon Three Tier Skirt
Angelic Pretty Angelic School SkirtBodyline Flap Pocket Skirt (gothic941, gothic942, gothic943)
Angelic Pretty Chiffon Satin Ribbon BoleroBodyline Satin Ribbon Petite Cardigan
Angelic Pretty Fluffy Rabbit Ears Cutsew CardiganBodyline Bunny Ear Cardigan (g605, g606)
Angelic Pretty Glitter Sleeve BlouseBodyline Fantasy Blouse (g482)
Angelic Pretty Frill Sailor BlouseBodyline Ladder Lace Blouse (gothic726, gothic723)
Angelic Pretty Chest Switching CutsewBodyline Layered-Style Lolita Cutsew (gothic810, gothic811)
Angelic Pretty Headdress Style HeadbowBodyline Headdress with Headbow (gothic677)
Angelic Pretty Tape Ribbon HeaddressBodyline Headdress (gothic676)
Angelic Pretty Kuma-Chan Knee SocksBodyline Teddy Bear OTKs (socks109, socks110)
Angelic Pretty Strawberry Picking Knee High SocksBodyline Strawberry Pattern High Socks (socks264)
Angelic Pretty Millefeuille Border Knee High SocksBodyline Ribbon and Dots Socks (socks272, socks273, socks274, socks275)
Angelic Pretty Border Chocolat OTKsBodyline Kitten OTKs (socks104, socks106)
Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor Tote BagBodyline Parfait Sweets Tote Bag (bag054, bag055, bag056)

Atelier BOZ

Atelier BOZ Nun Coat OPBodyline Nun Style Long Dress
Atelier BOZ Nun Thierry OPBodyline Nun Style Dress
Atelier BOZ Ange Cross OPBodyline Cross Dress
Atelier BOZ Clad Mini JSKBodyline Front Belted JSK (g297)
Atelier BOZ Amabile SkirtBodyline Dolce High Waist Skirt (l369)
Atelier BOZ Saffia Long SkirtBodyline High Waist Long Skirt (g292)
Atelier BOZ Simmons JacketBodyline Back Lace-Up Jacket (g386)
Atelier BOZ Jagged Collar BlouseBodyline White Collar Button Shirt (gothic47)
Atelier BOZ BlouseBodyline Double Frill Blouse (gothic460)
Atelier BOZ Mistress BlouseBodyline Dynasty Blouse (g346, g347)
Atelier BOZ Trize Over BlouseBodyline Y-shaped Frill Dress Shirt (g500, g502)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Ribbon Ribbon Gelato SundressBodyline Cute JSK
Yes, that is Misako Aoki.
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris Window Print OPBodyline Witch-Style High-Waisted Dress (g162, g164)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Seven Keys Print JSKBodyline Scalloped Dress (gothic733)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Gingham Check OPBodyline Gray Check Summer Dress (gothic967)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Rolled Ribbon Rose Round HeaddressBodyline Headdress (gothic200)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Spin Doll HeaddressBodyline Ribbon Lace Headdress (gothic162)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Frill Ballerina ShoesBodyline Frill Lace-Up Shoes
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Heart Buckle ShoesBodyline Heart Charm Flat Sole Shoes (shoes124, shoes125, shoes126)


BLACK PEACE NOW Asymmetrical DressBodyline Irregular Three Tier Frill Dress (gothic564)

BLACK PEACE NOW Frill Dress with Arm WarmersBodyline Trimming Vest Dress (gothic563)
BLACK PEACE NOW Lace-Up BustierBodyline Cobweb Lace Corset (gothic780, gothic781)
BLACK PEACE NOW Shoulder Braid BlouseBodyline Cross String Narrow Shirt (gothic605)
BLACK PEACE NOW Stand Collar Puff Sleeve BlouseBodyline Front Lace-Up Blouse (g504, g505)
PEACE NOW Cat Ear Polka Dot BoleroBodyline Hooded Polka Dot Blouse (g451, g452)
PEACE NOW Suspender SkirtBodyline 4 Tier Frill Check Skirt (gothic562, gothic577)
BLACK PEACE NOW Skull Cover SkirtBodyline Studded Cross Check Skirt (gothic616)
BLACK PEACE NOW Butterfly Emblem Tight SkirtBodyline Skirt (gothic639)
BLACK PEACE NOW Deformed Striped SkirtBodyline 4 Tier Polka Dot Switching Skirt (gothic594)
BLACK PEACE NOW Check Skirt with CoverBodyline 4 Tier Check Cover Skirt (gothic598)
PEACE NOW Plaid Flared SkirtBodyline Asymmetric Skirt (gothic445)
BLACK PEACE NOW Ribbon Skirt with Leg CoversBodyline Skirt (gothic659)
BLACK PEACE NOW Knee Opening Pants with ApronBodyline Tricky Bottom Set (gothic600)
BLACK PEACE NOW Belt Bondage PantsBodyline Restraint Layered Pants (gothic582)
BLACK PEACE NOW Lace-Up TieBodyline Hard Lace-Up Tie (gothic580)
BLACK PEACE NOW Chain Tie Bodyline Edge Hoop tie (gothic617)
BLACK PEACE NOW Belt Strap SandalsBodyline Belt Shoes (shoes027)
PEACE NOW Chain and Belt PumpsBodyline Black and White Rivet Shoes (shoes028)


Deorart Open Shoulder One Side Lace-Up BlouseBodyline Irregular side lace-up shirt (g571, g572)
Deorart Angel Wing Short Sleeve Long HoodieBodyline Zipper Cardigan with Cat Ears Hood (g691)
Deorart Angel Wings Tote BagBodyline Wings Print Tote Bag


EXCENTRIQUE Gingham Check and Velour SkirtBodyline Rose Pattern High Waist Skirt (gothic397)


h.NAOTO FRILL Bird Cage JSKBodyline Basket Dress (g703)
h.NAOTO FRILL Bird Cage Motif Volume SkirtBodyline Hem Frill Basket Skirt (g739)
h.NAOTO FRILL Umbrella Print Lace YukataBodyine Lovely Black Gothic Lolita Yukata (g616)
h.NAOTO BLOOD Belt Wrapped Stand Collar BlouseBodyline Knitted Pattern Shirt Jacket (g678)
h.NAOTO ANARCHY Choker OPBodyline Japanese Pattern Spider Web Dress (g489, g490)
h.NAOTO h.ANARCHY Arm Covers T-ShirtBodyline Asymmetric Arm Warmers T-Shirt (g747)
h.NAOTO FRILL Halterneck T-ShirtBodyline Fairytale Puff Sleeve Cutsew (g567)
h.NAOTO h.ANARCHY Double T-Shirt with Arm CoverBodyline Skeleton and Hand Pattern Print T-Shirt (g577)
h.NAOTO h.ANARCHY String Open Shoulder CutsewBodyline Rock Long T-Shirt
h.NAOTO h.ANARCHY Tunic Length T-ShirtBodyline Bare Shoulder T-Shirt (g569)
h.NAOTO BLOOD Choker CamisoleBodyline Neck Lace-Up Dress
h.NAOTO FRILL Choker T-ShirtBodyline Frill Choker Cutsew (g579, g580, g581)
h.NAOTO h.ANARCHY Hood T-Shirt with Arm CoversBodyline Rabbit Ear Skull Hood T-Shirt (g569)
h.NAOTO BLOOD Lace Fabric Switching SkirtBodyline Funda-Style Skirt
h.NAOTO h.jelly Pleated Skirt with Hip BagBodyline Arrangement Check Skirt with Bag (g713, g714, g715, g716)
h.NAOTO Honey Butterfly Print Frill SkirtBodyline Satin Skirt (gothic862)
h.NAOTO h.jelly/Honey Butterfly Embroidered SkirtBodyline Buttefly Embroidery Wrap Skirt (g511, g512, g513)
h.NAOTO Rabbit PouchBodyline Usa Pochette (gothic737)
h.NAOTO HN+nois Devil PouchBodyline Small Devil Bat Pochette (g319)
h.NAOTO Coffin Shoulder BagBodyline Coffin Shoulder Bag (gothic851)
h.NAOTO HN+nois Devil’s Feather BagBodyline Black Wings Sack (bag078)


HELL CAT PUNKS NO.HCP625 OPBodyline Corset Dress (gothic603)
HELLCAT PUNKS NO. HCP672 Tulle SkirtBodyline Polka Dots x Soft Net Skirt (gothic712, gothic713)
HELLCAT PUNKS NO. HCP387 Faux Fur Hip PadBodyline Bag (gothic653, gothic654)

Innocent World

Innocent World Trump Rose JSKBodyline Floral Cameo Wallpaper Print Shirring JSK (g159, g160, g161, g311)
Innocent World Francois Polka Dot JSKBodyline Poodle Pattern JSK (g674, g675, g676)
Innocent World Embroidered Sailor Collar JSKBodyline Sleeveless Classical Sailor Dress (costume839)
Innocent World Piano BoleroBodyline Piano Print Cardigan (s041, s040)
Innocent World Venessa JacketBodyline Sleeve Ribbon Deformed Jacket (l492)
Innocent World Floret Lace PulloverBodyline Chemical Lace Flower Cutsew (g506, g507, g508)
Innocent World Round Collar Heart Button BlouseBodyline Chest Shirring Blouse (gothic958)
Innocent World HeaddressBodyline Rose Lace Headdress (gothic160)
Innocent World Francois BagBodyline Poodle Pattern Tote Bag (bag060, bag 061, bag062)
Innocent World House BagBodyline House Petite Shoulder Bag
Innocent World Heart Scallop SandalsBodyline Wrapped Lace Shoes (shoes020, shoes022, shoes023)


MAD Punk Cat Ears and Tail Parka JacketBodyline Leopard Hooded Jumper (g847)
MAD Tartan Check ShirtBodyline Zip-Up Check Shirt (gothic603)
MAD Mini Frill SKirtBodyline Escargot Mini Skirt


Marble x Visibe Collaboration OPBodyline Gathered Lace Two Piece (gothic306, gothic307, gothic308, gothic382)

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene Sylphid ShoesBodyline Ankle Ribbon Strap Shoes (shoes024, shoes025, shoes026)


MA MAXICIMAM Three Tier Frill JSKBodyine Choker Blouse (gothic630)

Photo: Gothic & Lolita Bible, volume 18
MAXICIMAM Scalloped Ribon SkirtBodyline Scalloped Skirt (gothic742)

Metamorphose temps de Fille

Metamorphose Double Button Coat with CapeBodyline Belted Coat with Cape (g625)
Metamorphose Sailor Blouse + Front Button Sailor Skirt with PantsBodyline Sailor Two Piece (gothic7)

Metamorphose Sailor Short Sleeve OP (Contrast Skirt)Bodyline Classical French Sailor Dress (g590)
Metamorphose Girly Note SkirtBodyline Poodle Stripe Skirt (g800, g801, g802)
Metamorphose temps de Fille Velveteen High Waist SkirtBodyline Three Tier Frill High Waist Skirt (g724)
Metamorphose Crown HoodieBodyline Crown Print Cutsew (gothic793, gothic794, gothic795)
Metamorphose temps de Fille Trump Knee High SocksBodyline Trump Knee High Socks (socks260)


Moi meme Moitie Ladder Lace Gathered BlouseBodyline Double Ribbon Blouse (g518)
Moi meme Moitie Five Stage Frill BlouseBodyline Stand Collar Frill Blouse (gothic734, gothic728
Moi meme Moitie Back Satin 4 Tier SkirtBodyline Irregular Hem Skirt (gothic729, gothic730)
Moi meme Moitie Bat Hand BagBodyline Bat Bag (bag046)

Morning LST

Morning LST CutsewBodyline Dance Skull Long T-Shirt (g708, g709, g710)


Putumayo Pom Pom Cat Ears CoatBodyline Coat (g778, g779, g780, g781)
Putumayo Cat Ear BoleroBodyline Cat Ear Hood Mini Top (g549, g550, g551, g552)
Putumayo Feather Cat Emblem BagBodyline Emblem School Bag

Romantic Neurosis

Romantic Neurosis Swallowtail SkirtBodyline Deformed Lace-Up Skirt (g252)
Romantic Neurosis W Belt SkirtBodyline W Belt Wrapped Skirt (g263)
Romantic Neurosis Protect SkirtBodyline Three Tier Pleat Skirt (g253)
Romantic Neurosis Parachute Leg Cover SkirtBodyline Cross Belt Skirt (g279)
Romantic Neurosis Bondage Parachute PantsBodyline String Pants (g265)


SEX POT ReVeNGe Riders VestBodyline Spikes Studs Short Vest (gothic601)
SEX POT ReVeNGe Pleated Asymmetric SkirtBodyline Striped Switcing Skirt (gothic590)
SEX POT ReVeNGe UK Punx SkirtBodyline Spider x Butterfly Pleated Skirt (gothic692, gothic693)
SEX POT ReVeNGe Rock Cover SkirtBodyline Frill Skirt with Short Apron

Victorian Maiden

Victorian Maiden Plaid Tweed OPBodyline OP (gothic745)
Victorian Maiden Mallory Mini OPBodyline Stand Collar Dress

Note: The Stand Collar Dress design was submitted into their design contest, so technically Bodyline didn’t steal it themselves, but they still produced it.
Victorian Maiden Alice Bustle SkirtBodyline High Waist Trump Print Skirt

How many were you able to recognize? For me I was quite surprised at a lot of the goth and punk knockoffs since those brands typically aren’t documented on Lolibrary. Some of these brands almost closed like ALGONQUINS, Victorian Maiden. Some of these brands are already gone like Atelier BOZ.

Luxury brand, like Gucci or Louis Vuitton, goods are replicated all the time, but since they are million or billion dollar companies, they have the resources to do something about counterfeits. In the lolita fashion sphere, the impact of replicas is much larger since lolita brands are usually very small businesses.

As mentioned earlier, this post is for archival purposes. Bodyline’s new ownership seems to be moving in a better direction by focusing on producing original designs and not blatantly copying designs. The most recent print replica incident was this Sweet Time Kitty Dress released in 2020. The fabric used in the Bodyline dress was replica fabric copied from the original fabric maker Ringo Fabric and Fashion. Bodyline pulled the product from the webshp in 2021.

Submit an Item

If you have an example of knockoff items not yet on the list, please contact me or leave a comment with any information on the piece and I will update the post.

References: Lolita Kensho, Lolibrary, Lolita History

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