Shun Japanese Kitchen Mukbang Video | Eating Ramen x Pho Fusion and Fluffy Pancakes

Hey look, I managed to complete one project during quarantine! Watch my new video on YouTube or Instagram TV: Shun Japanese Kitchen Mukbang | Eating Ramen x Pho Fusion and Fluffy Pancakes

We filmed this video back in February before Texas went into lockdown. This was actually filmed before my Support Chinatown video, but the coronavirus made my schedule crazy. With Noeru on camera, we ate two of Shun’s new menu items: the “phodon” and earl grey souffle pancakes. Owner-chef Naoki was cool and let us film inside the restaurant.

Here’s a little bit about Shun: Shun Japanese Kitchen is a Japanese restaurant located in the central part of Houston off Shepherd Drive. Shun’s concept is blending tradition Japanese seasonal cooking with local Houston flavors. I first tried Shun’s food at the Houston Japan Festival in 2019 where they were selling karaage and kakigori in their booth. Later that same day, I decided to have dinner at their restaurant and it was delicious! Now I keep coming back to eat their creative dishes.

First is the “phodon” which is chef Naoki’s collaboration with Powered By Rice HTX who I previously wrote about. The phodon is an excellent example of Houston food fusion. It’s a combination of Japanese Vietnamese pho and Japanese udon. I was shocked when I heard what they came up with together, so I just had to try it myself. As a Vietnamese person, I never thought of seeing pho combined with another soup. The broth was a blend of dashi and chicken soup. The noodles were a thinner udon to better match the thinness of pho rice noodles. Topping included a huge piece of tempura chicken, cilantro, bean sprouts, red onions, and togarashi. I was amazed it really did taste like pho and udon at the same time. Currently, the phodon has been taken off of the quarantine takeout menu, but now there are new Powered by Rice collaborations available!

For dessert, we ate the earl grey souffle pancakes. I’ve had their souffle pancakes before, but earl grey and banana brulee were two new flavors introduced in February. I chose earl grey since I’m a big tea aficionado, but the banana one looked just as delicious from what I saw at another table. I noticed a huge improvement with the pancakes from when I first had them a few months prior. The earl grey variation came with earl grey meringue, crumbles, strawberries, raspberries, and a drizzle of earl grey infused syrup. If I wasn’t wearing makeup, I would roll my face into them a la breadfaceblog since they’re fluffy like a pillow. Normally, their souffle pancakes are only served on Sundays. They were not making them under the quarantine menu, but now they are now available for takeout on Sundays!

Though the menu may be different from the time of this video, the unique offerings from Shun are always great. With seasonal based cooking, you can experience the freshest ingredients throughout the year. A big thank you to Shun Japanese Kitchen for allowing me to film my first mukbang inside the restaurant and for providing the food. I am excited to see what they come up with next!

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Houston, Texas 77098

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