The Iron Maiden Pirate Tavern at Popfancy

Popfancy invited me again to check out their new anime cafe theme of the month. This time it’s called The Iron Maiden which is a tavern theme inspired by a certain long-running pirate anime and manga series. This theme runs from September 8-October 1, 2023.

The interior is full of nautical decor to make you feel like at sea.

The themed tavern menu is inspired by elements of One Piece such as certain characters, cursed fruit, and island locations.

The star of the menu is this banana split pirate ship. You can choose the flavors of ice cream and drizzle.

Merry banana split

We had some fun drinks. The purple drink is a blue lychee butterfly pea lemonade inspired by gomu gomu fruit. The green drink is called the Pirate Hunter melon soda inspired by Zoro’s three swords.

The savory options feature some tavern classics such as pretzels and sausage.

As always, Popfancy’s cafes are free events (just pay for food) and welcome to all ages. Fast passes are available on their website and recommended

Disclaimer: This is an fan-inspired cafe with no official relation to One Piece.

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9393 Bellaire Blvd A6, Houston, TX 77036
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