HOUSTON STREET SNAPS 001 | Colorful Pastel Style with Jasmin and Meci

Today is the launch of Houston Street Snaps, a new passion project from yours truly! Houston Street Snaps’s goal is to showcase unique individuals and their styles throughout Houston. The project is inspired by my long-time admiration of KERA magazine and TokyoFashion.

Jasmin (@melody_bunbun) and Meci(@mecij.photography) are two pastel friends whom I’ve known for several years now and their creative use of pastel colors and accessorizing has always impressed me. They asked me for some friendship photos, so I met them at The Biscuit Paint Wall since it matches their aesthetic perfectly.

Jasmin is wearing a colorful mix of Japanese and American brands. She is wearing a holographic and plush Club Exx jumpserskirt over an alien print ACDC Rag sailor collar shirt. Her top is accessorized with can badges from local Texas-based brands Otome Neko, Starlight Deco Dream, and Precious Bbyz. Other accessories she’s collected are from Claire’s and ZombieUnicornJewelry.

Meci is also a fellow local photographer who specializes in creative portraiture. They’re wearing a t-shirt from local kawaii shop In Control Clothing paired with a tri-color petticoat from Bodyline. Their accessories include buttons from Listen Flavor, Sugarysymbiote, Starlight Deco Dream, hair pieces from Daiso and Forever21, and two handmade necklaces.

Both of them are wearing curly wigs from Louisiana-based MintyMix and glittery platform shoes from YRU.

I am also honored that the first photo was featured as the cover image for Kei Club magazine’s first issue! Kei Club issue one also features an interview with Jasmin and Meci. The physical and digital editions are still available to purchase on their site or at events they’re attending.

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