Brunch Meets Tea Time at the Honeysuckle High Tea

Houston’s brunch scene has endless possibilities and is always taking things to the next level. At this pop-up, brunch food meets a high tea service. The team over at Houston Hosts recently brought back their stunning Honeysuckle High Tea experience!

Honeysuckle High Tea originally started in 2022 as a series of pop-ups. The concept took a break for awhile, but relaunched in April 2023 inside a new venue. Honeysuckle’s current location is inside The Doll HAUS, a Barbie-themed Airbnb house. Chef Vicky created this project as an homage to her late grandmother. She wanted a space where women could sit down, relax, and take a little time for themselves. With that idea in mind, she used her specialty in southern cooking, to create an inspiring urban brunch and tea fusion.

Blogger sitting with high tea setup on table.

The Menu

The brunch menu includes 8 menu items, custom tea blending, and a champagne cart.


For tea, they offer their original Honeysuckle blend, hot and cold. Tea accompanied by homemade sugar cubes, lemon, and simple syrup. For those who enjoy alcohol, they offer bottomless champagne.


First, we started out with a fried grits ball. It may be dainty, but it packed a lot of flavor. Second was the chef’s signature chicken and candied waffle. Chicken and waffles is always a brunch favorite, and these waffles are to die for. A piece of tender chicken sits on top of a brown sugar crusted waffle combining both sweet and savory flavors.

Next, they served a beautiful tiered tray of delightful dishes. Starting from the top, there was chicken salad on fried flatbread. On the second tier, cucumber cream cheese sandwiches and cheesy grilled shrimp toasts. Lastly, a refreshing spring salad with seasonal veggies and granola laid on the bottom tier. The salad’s ingredients change depending on the season.

Finish off your meal with a sweet crumpet and more tea for dessert.

What I enjoy about this tea service is that it includes some hearty foods. Other more traditional afternoon tea services don’t always fill me, so it’s nice that these foods have substance and flavor.


The Dollhaus is a hyperfeminine and pink decorated space that is designed for photo opportunities. It’s the perfect place to get dolled up and hang with some friends.

I wore a pink and red outfit in honor of Barbie, who was a big character in my childhood. It also matched the pink decor inside perfectly.

Thank you to Houston Hosts for inviting me to tea! Follow their Instagram to see when their next pop-up dates.

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