Chocolate Heroes Month with Common Bond


Chocolate Heroes Month is a collaboration between Houston Food Finder, Callebaut Chocolate, and eight Houston dessert shops. For one month, these shops created special desserts using a number of Callebaut’s products. The event runs through January 7 to February 10.

Houston Food Finder announced Common Bond’s dessert would be a Sesame Cake Tart created by executive pastry chef Rakesh Nayak. Since I’ve been on a black sesame binge, I just had to experience it.


The Sesame Cake Tart is composed of sesame cake, whipped sesame cream, earl grey ganache, earl grey white chocolate mousse, and chai caramel. The tart has a great mix of textures. When you cut into it, from the top, you start with the soft sesame macaron, then hit the crunchy chocolate disc, return to airy mousse, hit crunchy crisps, reach creamy ganache, and the crumbles of the tart. Each forkful brought a different mouthfeel with the alternating textures; it kept me wanting more. The combination of chocolate and tea flavors paired seamlessly together. I enjoyed the strength of the earl grey elements.


Since we visited on the event day, my friends and I each received the free box of macarons. This promo is no longer active. While we were already at the cafe, I tried Common Bond’s savory food for the first time as well. The brunch menu was being offered at the time, so I ordered the Tamales Benedict because it sounded like a very interesting combination. I do love tamales and benedict, so why not? The dish consists of several ancho pork tamales, avocado slices, two soft yolk eggs, ranchero sauce, and chipotle hollandaise.


It was a good choice. I highly recommend trying it. The tamales are moist and filled with the right amount of meat. The runny egg yolk combined with the two sauces and avocado blends together as a super creamy compliment. I would definitely order it again.

I also got to meet Phaedra Cook, the founder, writer, and editor of Houston Food Finder. She gave me some restaurant recommendations that I must try soon. I enjoy reading her articles, so I recommend reading her work.

If you’d like to get a taste of this tart, time is running out. This tart is only available until February 10, the last day of Chocolate Heroes Month. You won’t want to miss it!

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