Celebrate Pride at Some of Houston's LGBTQ+ Owned Eateries

Heads up, Houston! Celebrate Pride this month with these local LGBTQ+ owned eateries! Houston is known for its diverse population and is home to the largest Pride Celebration in the southern United States. This year’s Pride takes place June 22, 2019, but you don’t have to wait until then to celebrate; celebrate now. We Texans are known for our pride and what better way to spread the love is there than to support our local queer-owned businesses. This list focuses on highlighting eateries other than bars to be inclusive of all age groups.

1. La Sicilia Italian Bakery and Cafe


La Sicilia Bakery and Cafe is located in the heart of Montrose the epicenter of Houston’s LGBT community. La Sicilia is owned and operated by the couple of general manager Antonio Rios and pastry chef Diego Chiarello. When you walk in, you’re greeted by a display filled with beautiful pastries. Their breakfast and lunch items are equally beautiful as the dessert. This year’s Pride month limited treat include a rainbow-shaped shortbread cookie and box of rainbow colored macarons. Both are available now to purchase.

La Sicilia Italian Bakery and Cafe
515 Westheimer Rd. Suite C
Houston, TX 77006

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2. The DoughCone


Founded in 2016, The DoughCone serves up a sweet vanilla bean ice cream inside a cinnamon sugar dough cone also known as a chimney cake. Owner Avi Oberoi strives to train the staff to be welcoming and inclusive to all customers. You can find the truck at Buffalo Bayou Cistern on most days, but make sure to check their social media for the most accurate business hours and location. At last year’s Pride Festival, they created a special rainbow cone to celebrate.

The DoughCone
105 Sabine St.
Houston, TX 77007

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3. Michael’s Cookie Jar


Started in 2006, Michael’s Cookie Jar serves hand-crafted cookies made from scratch with real ingredients and natural flavors. The bakery has 3 locations around town with the main location located at West University Place. The other locations are located in downtown and Tanglewood. Cookies can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in the U.S. They can also make custom cookies for any special occasion.The Pride themed cookies will be available starting June 13 through the end of Pride.

Michael’s Cookie Jar
5330 Weslayan St.
Houston, TX 77005

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If you are an LGBTQ+ owned restaurant interested in being added to the list, please contact me.

Eight Turn Crepe Rolls into Katy Asian Town

Eight Turn Crepe has rolled into the ever developing Katy Asian Town plaza. The concept originated in Ginza, Japan and made its way to the U.S. in 2013 with a location in New York.

The crepe stands in Harajuku always have long lines, but despite visiting Tokyo twice, I didn’t eat a crepe there. I was excited to finally try a Japanese style crepe for the first time. Eight Turn Crepe TX’s soft opening was held on the weekend of March 9-10. I met Jennifer, one of the owners, while I was there and she invited me to come back for grand opening on March 23.

Faux food display just like in Japan!

Faux food display just like in Japan!

The crepe batter is what makes a Japanese crepe unique; it is made out of rice flour making them gluten free. The texture is a little lighter than the traditional French crepe. These crepes are served rolled to be eaten without utensils instead of plated. The Japanese designed them to be handheld they can be easily transported (even though Japanese people never walk and eat at the same time).


The name “eight turn” is derived from how many times they fold the crepe. A selection of both savory and sweet crepes is sold in-store. My recommendation is to order one savory and one sweet crepe! Though if you have a big appetite like me, you can easily fit three inside your stomach.


Eight Turn Crepe also serves locally sourced gelato. The seven flavors are honeycomb, stracciatella, mango, chocolate, vanilla. strawberry, and matcha. You can order a scoop on top of your crepe or in a cup. There is also a small selection of coffee available.

Eight Turn Lox savory crepe: sliced lox, cream cheese, spinach, sliced red onion, capers

Eight Turn Lox savory crepe: sliced lox, cream cheese, spinach, sliced red onion, capers

Harajuku Fruit Cocktail dessert crepe: strawberry. blueberry, raspberry, mango, banana, sliced almonds, custard cream,whipped yogurt

Harajuku Fruit Cocktail dessert crepe: strawberry. blueberry, raspberry, mango, banana, sliced almonds, custard cream,whipped yogurt

My favorite two that I’ve had so far are definitely the Eight Turn Lox crepe and Harajuku Fruit cocktail crepe. The lox one in particular is not to be missed. Featured below are the Truffle Egg White Omelet crepe and Lychee Valentine crepe which were also delicious. I also ordered the specialty latte. This time it was hazelnut, but it will change throughout the year. The barista designed latte art of a stingray for me!


If you’re ever in the Katy area, I recommend trying Eight Turn! There is plenty of seating and the space is well-lit. There is free wi-fi as well making it a great potential study spot. Overall, I love the fresh ingredients and how easy the flavors are on the palate. Now is your chance to get a taste of Japan right here in Houston. Thank you Eight Turn Crepe for hosting me!


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Eight Turn Crepe
23119 Colonial Pkwy Suite C-8
Katy, TX 77449

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Rodeo Eats 2019

Rodeo season is upon us, yeehaw. What better way to celebrate in the festivities then to gorge on some bad fair food? That’s exactly what I did. I was not too impressed with the winners of the Gold Buckle Foodie Awards, so I opted for the classic deep-fried goodness.


Fried What! is always the first stop for me. They use the best batter and everything is fried to order. The deep fried Oreos are amazing. It was my first time trying the deep fried pickles from them and it was exactly what was needed to cut through the copious amount of sugar being consumed. I do like they fried a variety of slices and spears.


This jalapeño lemonade is oddly a favorite of mine. Also from Fried What!, I first had it a few years ago and keep coming back to it. It’s not super sweet like the other lemonade booths. It also has a great burn going down my throat. Fried What! is located at booth J 203.


The tater twister, other known as the tornado potato, is my favorite choice of potato. It’s crunchy and on a stick. What else could you ask for? I tried the Cajun seasoning this time, but would not recommend it. Get the classic salt or garlic parmesan.

We also saw Camila Cabello perform that evening. Although I did not know much about her music, she’s a great singer in concert. After the concert, the last thing I ate was the scorpion pizza. Originally, I did not intend to try it , but my cousins wanted pizza on a stick and it was sold at the same booth. The scorpion pizza is a cheese pizza topped with two deep-fried scorpions. The pizza itself is mediocre and the scorpions were small and don’t have a distinct flavor other than adding some crunch. The taste was not worth $10 though I give it a point for novelty. The crickets and mealworms versions come with many more bugs on top, so that may make a better experience.

Editing these photos was really fun! I tweaked the colors differrently than what I normally would do. I like working with many colors, but food mostly deals with greens, yellows, and oranges. Blue is my favorite color, so I really tried to bring it out in these photos.

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