Eating with Stephano

Stephano is a Houston, TX based food blogger with a passion for learning about the world through food’s relation to culture. Stephano wants to showcase the proud and wonderful city of Houston to the world.

Growing up as a Vietnamese American in Houston, she has always understood the city’s diversity and how that has shaped her palate. Houston is a city that’s deverse cultural scene as until reciently, has been over looked in favor of cultural hotspots such as New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. As a proud Houstonian, Stephano’s mission to to share the cuisine of America’s most diverse city with the world.



I love supporting local businesses. If you are interested in working with me, I am open to writing product and restaurant reviews, hosting giveaways, and other creative collaborations.

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Eating with Stephano is a member of the Houston Food Blogger Collective and Zipkick.