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The Origin Story of Metamorphose Temps de Fille by Kuniko Kato

Magazine scans by  Lolita History .  Gothic and Lolita Bible volume 11, pages 102-103

Magazine scans by Lolita History. Gothic and Lolita Bible volume 11, pages 102-103

Velvet Translations Blog has translated an article written by Kuniko Kato the original designer of Metamorphose. The article was originally published in the Gothic and Lolita Bible volume 11 published in 2004. In this spread, Kato-san discusses the story of how she started Metamorphose covering the origin of the name, the brand’s timeline from 1993-2002, and how the brand started in Osaka.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Brand Story Translation by Velvet Translations Blog:

Brand Name Origin

The brand's official name is "Manefest Ange Metamorphose temps de fille". All together there isn't really much meaning (laugh) but I liked the meaning attached to each individual part. "Manifest ange" means "manifest angel", while "metamorphose" means "change" or "transform". I found it in a fashion lexicon dictionary, and the meanings resonated with me so I added it in. "Temps de fille" means "girls era"

Like overthrowing the fixed concepts of Lolita fashion, I want to embrace unpredictability!

Brand Story

I think there are many of those who wish to become designers who idolize the designers of their favorite brand. My situation was "and so, since I have to eat", so there weren't really any particular designers that I idolized. From about elementary school until high school I wanted to be a writer. I wrote short stories, and was involved in a play so I wrote the script for that too. However, during my high school years a band boom swept the world. I too started a band then, so I wanted that to continue forever. But the reality is that a band won't feed you, isn't it? At that time in order to keep doing things I loved, I felt I had to search for another source of income. Thus, if you are searching for a career, then it's fashion business or beautician. After that, since I like cooking perhaps a chef or something. However, it seemed difficult; beauticians' hands become rough and chapped, and their vacations are few. So I dismissed that idea (laughs). At the time, it was still difficult for women to make a career out of being a chef, so I gave up on that as well. So, by process of elimination, Fashion Business it was. The classes at the vocational school were at night, and the tuition was cheap. So I thought "this is it!" And moved forward.

New and old fans of Meta will surely love reading where the brand came from. Kato-san has always been admired in the EGL community for making unorthodox and plus size friendly designs. Metamorphose was one of the first Japanese brands to ship outside of Japan. Kato-san left Metamorphose in 2009 and started her own brand Physical Drop in 2010. You can read the full interview translation over at Velvet Translations Blog!

Buttcape's Wardrobe Post 2019

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Hello world, I’m kicking 2019 off with a brand new site! What better way is there than to start it off with the annual lolita community wardrobe post. For those unfamiliar with the EGL community, every January lolitas around the world share what’s in their closets. It’s a good way to track your closet over the years. For me, I use it as my yearly inventory check. I missed posting 2018 though and I am now overwhelmed with how much I own.

This year’s post was incredibly rushed. I was on vacation for half of January and when I got back to Texas, I was extremely jetlagged for weeks. I photographed all I could in 7 nights and sadly no pictures on the dressform this time around; I aimed for quantity over quality. Technically this post’s date is February 1, but forgive me. I wasn’t able to photograph everything. My priority was to capture all of the burando then a few major indie brand items. Unfortunately, I had to skip casual cutsews, jewelry, corsets, and shoes; I probably missed a main piece here and there. I’d estimate that I got about 80% done which isn’t bad for how little time I had. Click on a picture to check the item’s name.












Hair Accessories

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of the post! In total, there are 272 images. That’s more than I was expecting to have and I didn’t even photograph everything. I think I definitely own too many things, so I will be uploading many items for sale over on my LaceMarket shop later this month! Binge watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo right before making the wardrobe post probably influenced my dread. How will my 2020 wardrobe look I wonder?

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