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ATELIER PIERROT Launches New Sister Brand "Vallée lys"

ATELIER PIERROT’s CEO and designer Ashizawa Yuko recently announced the launch of a new sister brand Vallée lys, The name is faux French for “lily of the valley.” Besides the name, no other information was given in the initial announcement, so I reached out to Ashizawa-san to ask about the brand’s concept. She replied “My hometown of Tateshina, Nagano, has white birch trees, mountains, valleys, and the town flower suzuran (lily of the valley). The brand's name comes from that flower. The atmosphere created from Tateshina’s mist surrounding the mountains and the fleeting, but earnest blossom of the lily of the valley inspired me to use light airy materials to express the feeling of my hometown through clothes. I created Vallée lys to embody the feelings my hometown inspires.”

The first three items released by Vallee lys include an OP, skirt, and cardigan. My initial impressions of the designs is it looks a lot like what PIERROT would release with a classic twist. Each piece is solid colored. The fabrics and colors are more airy than her PIERROT designs. The combination of chiffon and tulle layers are light and will flow elegantly when walking. The looser waist bodice and shirred waistbands maximize comfort yet still retain structure by defining with a waist ribbon.

The price point runs slightly less expensive than ATELIER PIERROT’s pieces. The OP is priced at 22,680 yen, the skirt is priced at 16,200 yen, and the cardigan is priced at 20,088 yen. Take note that these designs are fairly plus size friendly as the waist measurement for each is 100+ cm. The length will not be a problem for taller lolitas. There probably won’t be any prints from this brand considering the careful selection of fabrics, but it is also too early to tell. Sample pieces are now on display at ATELIER PIERROT’s Shinjuku store inside Shinjuku Marui Annex. Pre-orders are open now in-store and on their online shop. Vallée lys is worth keeping an eye on for classic lolitas wanting intricately layered solid pieces.

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Buttcape's Wardrobe Post 2019

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Hello world, I’m kicking 2019 off with a brand new site! What better way is there than to start it off with the annual lolita community wardrobe post. For those unfamiliar with the EGL community, every January lolitas around the world share what’s in their closets. It’s a good way to track your closet over the years. For me, I use it as my yearly inventory check. I missed posting 2018 though and I am now overwhelmed with how much I own.

This year’s post was incredibly rushed. I was on vacation for half of January and when I got back to Texas, I was extremely jetlagged for weeks. I photographed all I could in 7 nights and sadly no pictures on the dressform this time around; I aimed for quantity over quality. Technically this post’s date is February 1, but forgive me. I wasn’t able to photograph everything. My priority was to capture all of the burando then a few major indie brand items. Unfortunately, I had to skip casual cutsews, jewelry, corsets, and shoes; I probably missed a main piece here and there. I’d estimate that I got about 80% done which isn’t bad for how little time I had. Click on a picture to check the item’s name.












Hair Accessories

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of the post! In total, there are 272 images. That’s more than I was expecting to have and I didn’t even photograph everything. I think I definitely own too many things, so I will be uploading many items for sale over on my LaceMarket shop later this month! Binge watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo right before making the wardrobe post probably influenced my dread. How will my 2020 wardrobe look I wonder?

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