Japan Festival Houston Fashion Show 2019: 30 Years of Heisei Style

Japan Festival Houston is an annual celebration of all things relating to Japanese culture. Each year it is held in the heart of Houston at Hermann Park. The festival features food, music, ceremonies, cosplay, fashion, and more. 2019 was the festival’s 26th anniversary which coincided with the end of the Heisei era. In honor of the transition into the new era, the fashion show showcased the various fashion styles during Heisei. Fashion styles dating 1989 to 2019 included gothic lolita, classic lolita, sweet lolita, punk. lolita, ouji, gothic aristocrat, visual kei, kimono, nanchatte seifuku, decora, menhera, yumekawaii, fairy kei, and many more.

Right before the fashion show start time, a huge downpour with hail passed through the park. Luckily enough, it passed by quickly and the show went on! Japan Festival Houston is a rain or shine event. Kudos to the models for surviving the rain.

Overall, 26 unique looks walked the stage. The volunteer models showed off a wide variety of styles and subcultures each putting their own twist on their style. Some of the brands worn in this show included Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates, Haenuli, Atelier Boz, and Houston’s very own Ota-Q Apparel. Though many of these looks consist of offbrand items proving you don’t need brand to wear J-fashion styled outfits. J-fashion can be worn by all demographics.

If you’re interested in participating in next year’s fashion show, make sure to follow the J-Fest Houston Japanese Fashion Show page. Now entering the Reiwa era, look forward to the new styles that will pop up!

Oni-Con 2018 Fashion Show ft. Royal Princess Alice, Bio・Politics, and Sex Pot ReVeNGe

Oni-Con hosted three Japanese brands for its 2018 convention. The featured brands were Royal Princess Alice, Bio・Politics, and Sex Pot ReVeNGe. Returning as a second year guest was Aito the designer of Royal Princess Alice and Bio・Politics. Formerly the KERA Shop Osaka manager, she opened the Royal Princess Alice Studio shortly after Oni-Con 2017. Representing Sex Pot ReVeNGe was Kroy, long-time shop staff for the Harajuku shop and one of the main faces of the brand. The members of DISACODE were also featured modeled on the stage.

Royal Princess Alice

Royal Princess Alice was founded in 2014. Since their inception, they have become known to release clothing that is “as elegant as a princess and Europe” and “mysterious, cute, and dark—like Alice’s world.” Royal Princess Alice has taken these inspirations and made them tangible.

Since Royal Princess Alice’s prints are mostly collaborations with different artist, the brand can span a unique range of looks. The majority of their releases in the last 2 years have been wa lolita ensembles in collaboration with watercolor artist Tama and the fashion show started off with the song Senbonzakura by Wagakki Band to fit. Royal Princess Alice also debuted their collaboration with American indie brand Automatic Honey in this fashion show. The red OP was modeled by Marcy the drummer of DISACODE.


Regardless of gender and age, [Bio Politics] is about freedom of expression, featuring mature ‘Rock and Poison’ themes. It represents my own style, and now, I'm sharing my personal style with everyone.” —Aito

Bio・Politics is actually Aito’s first brand, but it was never super active. The brand’s pieces are designed to be worn in a casual punk and rock style. The models walked out with a headbanging rock and roll energy. Most of the pieces shown were from the MonsterBerry series coordinated in four ways. The last MonsterBerry outfit is modeled by KERA model AKIRA who is also the vocalist of DISACODE. The final outfit is the Bio・Politics collaboration with Malus14, AKIRA’s short-lived brand, modeled by Shinnosuke the guitarist of DISACODE.

Sex Pot ReVeNGe

Breaking the common understanding of what Punk, Rock and Gothic styles are, Sex Pot Revenge brings you a most unique look. This new style is full of mature colorways and edgy designs that give you courage and excitement with a new kind of fashion!

Sex Pot ReVeNGe finally made their overseas debut here at Oni-Con. The brand has been an iconic part of the Japanese punk and visual kei subcultures. Sex Pot had a lot of fans already due to the popularity of the visual kei trend which swept through the U.S. in the mid-2000s. Nowadays the brand is more toned down, but its spirit does not waver. The A/W 2018 collection featured plenty of big coats and long pants.

That’s a wrap! The 3 brands featured 22 models in total. The aura coming from the models and the audience was rowdy and energetic. Lovely Lor captured some of the show in her “Kawaii in Texas?! SPILLING TEA?! Oni-Con 2018” video starting at 8:55. These photos were shot on the Nikon AF-S 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR DX lens rented from Photo Rental Source, a local photography rental shop, which I highly recommend if you’re a Houston photographer. I still have another Oni-Con 2018 post to publish, but I’m already looking forward for this year’s event. What fashion brands will Oni-Con 2019 bring?

Delta H Con 2018 Sweet Summer Social Report

The final lolita event for Delta H Con 2018 was the tea party on Sunday afternoon. Held in the Houston Marriott Westchase Hotel, the tea party was titled Sweet Summer Social and it had a cute subtle country theme. Since I’m a proud Texan, I decided to wear a cowboy inspired outfit to match the theme.


At my table, sat a fine group of talents: Tyler/ScarfingScarves of Last Week Lolita News, Nina/Chokelate of Lockshop Wigs, Halley/Miscy of The Black Ribbon, and Callie/Courtney of Ota-Q Apparel. Check out their works and shops when you have a chance!

Actually, I was not at the table for long Mainly, I photographed the attendees in the gorgeous hotel parlor. I also ended up hosting the bean bag toss mini game midway through the party. One attendee betted against my most prized item in my wardrobe, the AatP hat stack. It turns out my competitive nature helped me succeed at defending my honor. It was great meeting both new and familiar faces!

Country is rare theme to see in ouji. In particular, cowboy ouji has only been executed once to my knowledge. My look was based around this Alice and the Pirates hat that I bought solely for the purpose of making a cowboy coordinate. The hat goes well paired with the Miho Matsuda bolo tie I bought in Harajuku earlier in the year. The only thing that could have completed the western theme would be cowboy boots, but I don’t own any since I’m still searching for the perfect pair. This coord? On fire. My body temperature? Also on fire. Texas summers don’t play.

Outfit Rundown

  • Jacket: Alice and the Pirates Napoleon Jacket

  • Blouse: Alice and the Pirates Bradley Blouse

  • Pants: Alice and the Pirates Napoleon Pants

  • Shoes: Alice and the Pirates A/P Roll Top Long Boots

  • Accessories: Alice and the Pirates Marion Chain Andrew’s Hat, Miho Matsuda Tassel Loop Emblem Tie, Alice and the Pirates Buckle Belt


Lastly, here are some goofy offshots Meci captured of the group. Overall, my con experience was very relaxed and chill. . I wonder how they will decide to grow their fashion track for next year. At times, it was a little hectic being photographer, but that was mainly from me bringing the wrong lens. I learned my lesson for next time and that is I should invest in a zoom lens for event photography. Thank you to Delta H Con for having me as a guest!