Japan Festival Houston Fashion Show 2019: 30 Years of Heisei Style

Japan Festival Houston is an annual celebration of all things relating to Japanese culture. Each year it is held in the heart of Houston at Hermann Park. The festival features food, music, ceremonies, cosplay, fashion, and more. 2019 was the festival’s 26th anniversary which coincided with the end of the Heisei era. In honor of the transition into the new era, the fashion show showcased the various fashion styles during Heisei. Fashion styles dating 1989 to 2019 included gothic lolita, classic lolita, sweet lolita, punk. lolita, ouji, gothic aristocrat, visual kei, kimono, nanchatte seifuku, decora, menhera, yumekawaii, fairy kei, and many more.

Right before the fashion show start time, a huge downpour with hail passed through the park. Luckily enough, it passed by quickly and the show went on! Japan Festival Houston is a rain or shine event. Kudos to the models for surviving the rain.

Overall, 26 unique looks walked the stage. The volunteer models showed off a wide variety of styles and subcultures each putting their own twist on their style. Some of the brands worn in this show included Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates, Haenuli, Atelier Boz, and Houston’s very own Ota-Q Apparel. Though many of these looks consist of offbrand items proving you don’t need brand to wear J-fashion styled outfits. J-fashion can be worn by all demographics.

If you’re interested in participating in next year’s fashion show, make sure to follow the J-Fest Houston Japanese Fashion Show page. Now entering the Reiwa era, look forward to the new styles that will pop up!

Closet Chilld Men's Shibuya Shutters


On Monday May 6, 2019, the Closet Child Men’s Shibuya location closed. The Closet Child CD and Men’s store in Shinjuku and the CC Men’s online shop will remain open. Additionally, Closet Child Ikebukuro stopped purchasing visual kei CDs and goods on May 31, 2019. Stock for both shops will be moved to Closet Child Shinjuku CD and Men’s Shop starting June 1, 2019.


Closet Child Shinjuku 2nd

7 Chome-16-12 Nishishinjuku
Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0023

Source: Closet Child Men’s, Closet Child Ikebukuro

Virtual Singer ALYS Comes to Life with Ozz Oneste

OZZ ONESTE, ALYS, and LeChat come together for a three-way collaboration! ALYS is a virtual singer developed by VoxWave. Her software was developed so she can sing in both French and Japanese. OZZ ON and its sub-brand OZZ ONESTE are a brand that combines Japanese and Western styles together creating unique pieces. Both ALYS and OZZ ON bridge east and west, so the two collaborating is a perfect fit.

The collaboration is modeled by singer and cosplayer LeChat who became ALYS’s official goodwill ambassador in 2018. The designs were mainly based from ALYS’s mainly blue character design. The cuts and fabric choices are light and airy making them perfect for summer.

Pieces included in the ALYS collaboration include:

  • Perfume Bottle Print JSK

  • Perfume Bottle 2-way Jacket

  • Rose Embroidery Irregular Hem Cardigan

  • Rose Embroidery 2-way Frill Cutsew

  • Rose Embroidery Shorts

  • Rose Embroidery Crinoline Skirt

  • Organgy Collar

  • Chain Tie

Each piece has three colorways: brown, black, and blue. International customers can buy from OZZ ON through their official retailers Wunderwelt Fleur and ZenPlus.

Source: Ozz On