Houston Tea House – TeaplusArt – Hosts a Bastille Day Tea

Back in July, I attended a wonderful Bastille Day-themed afternoon tea party hosted by the TeaplusArt Gallery, a Houston area tea house. At that time I had been craving for an afternoon tea service since I haven’t been to one for awhile and the facebook event page just happened to show up on my feed, so I decided to buy a ticket. The ticket was only $35 which is a great deal for a tea!

The Tea House

TeaplusArt is a Houston tea house and an art gallery located in the historic district of the Houston Heights. Opened in May 2016, TeaplusArt is a fairly new addition to the city that I hadn’t known about until I saw this event. I’m occasionally in this area to get ice cream, so I was pleasantly surprised it was just across the street from where I would usually go. 

When I first walked in, the first things seen are the tea bar and several ceramic displays. I was greeted by the staff at the bar, signed in, and headed to the back room where the event was being held. If you’re ever in the area, you can swing by the bar for a quick cup of hot or iced tea or stay a little longer and have a tea flight and check out the gallery. They hold events regularly as well.

The Tea Party Theme

It’s unique to find a tea house in Houston celebrating French culture. This afternoon’s menu was the VIVA LA FRANCE which consisted of four courses of French fare paired with teas from the regions of Bordeaux, Savennieres, and Alsace. First starting out with a champagne cocktail which I picked up on the way in. 

champagne cocktail

The Tea Mistress Amanda was the speaker for the party. She gave a detailed presentation on the history of French tea culture.

Even teapots need sweaters sometimes.
Camembert cheese and watermelon starter

We played three rounds of French vocabulary bingo using pearl chocolates as markers. The grand prize being a bag of the imported sugar used on the rim of the cocktail. I was close to a blackout; I only needed corn (or maïs in this case). 

Like all good tea parties, there was plenty of tea to go around. Some people were feeling the caffeine buzz! I lost track of how many cups I drank.

The savory entrees were very delicious. I was very satisfied with the quality of each dish.  

French onion soup
grilled chicken crepe, cucumber frisee sandwich,  jamon and artichoke on waffle
ratatouille stacks

Macarons were brought out first for dessert. There was a contest for which table could build the highest tower using only macarons and toothpicks. I suggested we build a macaron Gundam, but it didn’t turn out so well. 

I don’t usually enjoy scones at tea parties because I find them to be dry, but one is probably the best scone I’ve ever had. 

fresh scone with preserves

The final dish was the raspberry sorbet. It was the perfect ending to a hot summer day. I was melting in the room because only a fool would wear a jacket during Texas summer. 

raspberry sorbet

My Outfit

My outfit was vaguely militaristic and not-so-historically-accurate. I had a difficult time figuring out what to wear, so I asked several people for advice since my fashion history knowledge is subpar. Classic style is definitely not my forte. Technotropism suggested I go with the colors of the French flag, so that’s what I did. J on the left is wearing mostly Alice and the Pirates and L in the middle is wearing mostly Innocent World. 

Outfit Rundown
Top: Atelier Boz Andrew Blouse, Alice and the Pirates Moonlight Temptation from the Monochrome Guide of the Dark Jacket
Bottom: Express Columnist Pants
Shoes: Alice and the Pirates Roll-Top Long Boots
Accessories: Black MiQuri Aiguillette sash, Miss Danger Shop Masquerade Bunny Brooch

Overall, I really enjoyed this event! It was quite refreshing to go to a tea party not targeted at lolitas for a change. The food at this Houston area tea house was good, the tea selection was splendid, and even learned a little bit of history. I definitely would love to attend another TeaplusArt event in the future. Next time I’m in the area, I must try their tea float!

[TEA+ART]OHP | Facebook | Instagram
613 1/2 W 19 St
Houston, Texas 77008

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