Nu:Carnival Edmond Inspired Deco Ita Nails

I’m back with another fandom inspired nail set. This time my ita nails are inspired by Nu:Carnival’s Edmond!

Blue, light blue, white, and gold nail set inspired by Edmond from Nu:Carnival.
Nails inspired by SR Edmond

Ita nails (fandom inspired nails) are a great way to incorporate your favorite character into everyday life. For this set, I went with a more subtle weeb design. Wanted to keep it on the down low, yet channel the character’s energy. I had the general color palette in my head and Sarah helped arrange the cabochons.

Blue, light blue, white, and gold nail set inspired by Edmond from Nu:Carnival. Two hands hold a phone with Edmond on the screen.

Nu:Carnival is a BL game with really beautiful character designs. Edmond’s color palette is primarily blue and white for both his SR and SSR outfits. He’s a nobleman and royal knight, so we wanted to channel elegance. For the base colors, I chose a light sax blue for his hair, a darker blue for his uniform and gem, and white for the other part of his uniform.

Closeup of left hand's nail art.
left hand

The gemstone on his hand is blue and gold, so I thought these blue gems were perfect to represent him. I incorporated as many types of blue gems as I could. I added some other gold bits like glitter and some generic gold heraldry. The long white gem on the right pointer represents his sword and the left pinky is supposed to look like a pearl necklace.

Closeup of right hand's nail art.
right hand

This is my first real gel polish set! I’ve slowly been collecting nail supplies over the last few months. It’s been fun to practice. The polishes are gel polishes from a local shop called Dynamic Nail Supply.

Two hands showing off nails in front of Nu:Carnival character Edmond.

I really like how shiny my nails are too. I’ve always liked Japanese deco nails; the shinier the better!

i’ve been playing Nu:Carnival for over a year now. Hopefully, I can do more nails inspired by all of the cast. I already have some ideas for Kuya, Eiden, and Aster. If you like BL and gacha games with a plot, I highly recommend playing it!

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