Baby, the Stars Shine Bright to Appear in J-Drama Rental Lover

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright clothing will appear in TBS Japanese drama “Rental Lover (Rentaru no Koi/レンタルの恋).” The episode will air on March 15, 2017 at 00:10 AM Japan time. 

Summary from TBS:

“On Christmas Eve, Kosuke Yamada (Taiga), a 22-year-old university student who’s never had a girlfriend, is somehow guided by a suspicious middle-aged man – Kenbutsu Takami (Yoichi Nukumizu), and rents Remi Takasugi (Ayame Goriki) at a rental girlfriend agency – “Rental Lovers”. Remi, the most popular rental girlfriend of the agency, has well researched Kosuke’s taste and even wears a costume of an anime character that he likes on the date. Kosuke instantly falls for Remi, however, he soon finds out that Remi is a mysterious girl who wears a bandage on her neck and never smiles while off-duty. Then the story of Kosuke, Remi, a Kosuke’s childhood friend – Sumire (Yukino Kishii), and his best friend – Hayato (Kentaro) goes to an unexpected direction.”


She’s wearing Baby’s Le Petit Chat Noir OPRose HeaddressVictoir Shoes, and the Alice and the Pirates Mini Trunk Bag. The socks are most likely BtSSB Small Lace OTKs

Sources:Rental Lover Official OHP | Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

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