2018 Plans

Hello, 2018! Albeit it is February now, so this post is a bit late. January was hectic for me and I still have a lot of catching up from 2017 to post.

My first life update for you to read about is that I went to Japan for the first time during New Year’s! I went for a week and a half, but it definitely wasn’t enough time. I can’t wait to go back. The blog post will probably be delayed since I still have a bunch of things from 2017 to write about. For now, I am slowly uploading a few pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

Second, you may have noticed I did not upload a wardrobe post for 2018. I usually start photographing in December, but since I was going to Japan, I knew I was going to buy more stuff (and I did). Then on my last few days, I caught a Japanese cold and that destroyed my willpower for the rest of January. I really thought the Japanese cold was just a cold, but it’s so much worse. I don’t understand why, but it is. Anime and J-drama aren’t exaggerating about people dying from colds. Here’s last year’s wardrobe post as a consolidation.

As a result for missing the January wardrobe deadline, I’m thinking of a new blog series where I review every single item in my closet. It’s basically a wardrobe post, but with more info. The idea came to me last year, but I have yet to implement the plan. I hope to provide detail pictures and measurements for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Might as well share some information with the EGL community! Though it may take me a very long time to finish since I’ve got a lot of things.

Another goal I have for this year is to level up my photography. Though I’ve theoretically understood camera numbers for years, I feel like it’s finally clicking in my head. Carrying around my DSLR instead of only using it at home has definitely accelerated my learning and I still have much to learn! I think applying as press for Oni-Con 2017 gave me a challenge. 2018 should be a rather creative year for me. I bought a new laptop, so my productivity should increase! I’m still getting accommodated to an HD monitor. Maybe I’ll upload more videos to YouTube? I had to stop because my old laptop couldn’t handle editing software. It shouldn’t be an issue now with new equipment. I actually prefer photography over video, so I’ll focus on photography more. I want to branch out from lolita fashion and start shooting cosplay, but I don’t know that many cosplayers, so maybe I’ll have to start with anime figure photography.

To kick off the new creative streak, I took new headshots. All of my profile pictures were outdated, so it was time to freshen up my face. There’s no full coordinate shot for this because I was just wearing pajama pants.

That’s it for the mini life update. I need to finish typing blog posts for last year and get them posted. This includes several J-rock concerts, A-Kon, Oni-Con, and a few other meetups. Thank you for reading!

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